467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Aircraft of the 467th BG

The men of the 467th BG flew the Consolidated B-24 Liberator. The B-24 was the most heavily produced multi-engine heavy bomber ever made. Nearly 18,500 were manufactured. The B-24 Liberator could carry a larger payload and fly farther and faster than the other heavy bomber with the 8th AF, the B-17.

When the Group first started their training at Wendover AAB, they flew early model 'D' and 'E' varient's of the B-24. In early January 1944, the Group started receiving the Liberator's they would take with them overseas. These were all the new 'H' varient. Most of these came from the Consolidated Fort Worth plant and the Ford Willow Run facility, although there were a few that were manufactured at the Douglas Aircraft plant in Tulsa.

Of the 61 known orignal aircraft assigned to the 467th BG, 58 began arriving at Rackheath with their aircrews in March 1944. It wasn't long before the 'J' variants began arriving as replacements for aircraft lost to combat. In early 1945 the 'L' and M' variants began arriving. 177 B-24's are known to have been assigned to the 467th. 101 were of the 'H' variant, 62 were 'J' models, 5 were 'L' models and 7 were 'M' models. B-24D-53-CO 'Pete the POM Inspector' 42-40370 was the only 'D' model to serve with the Group. She had been designated as a "War Weary" aircraft when she was transferred in to the Group in April 1944 and was converted to become the Groups first assembly ship.