467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 002 • Oschersleben, Germany • 11 Apr 44
Mission Info
Primary Target:
Focke-Wolf Aircraft Factory
Secondary Target:

Target Attacked:
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Mission Narrative
The groups second mission was the 8th AF mission #298. On this day, 918 bombers were sent to primarily bomb factories for fighter aircraft production. Sadly, this was one of the heaviest single-day losses of the war by the 8th AF as 64 bombers were lost. The 2nd Bomb Division's B24's were assigned to hit targets at Oscherleben and Berenburg. The 467th BG was among the 121 bombers that hit the Folke-Wolf Factory at Oscherleben.

Twenty-seven B24's of the the 467th BG took off starting at 0715 with their load of 52 x 100lb incendiary bombs (per ship). On one ship, the racks froze, and 9 bombs were dropped in the primary target, 32 on a target of opportunity, and 11 were brought back to the base. The results of this raid were only fair. Though bombs fell on the airfield, the factory was not obliterated by this group. Moderate flak and fighter opposition was encountered.

Lt. Col. Herzberg led the group, flying with Lt. Lominack’ and crew #028-R0 of the 789th BS on 42-52350 'Volk's Virgin Vultures'. Major Palmer was the deputy lead of the first squadron, flying with Lt. Monefeldt’ and crew #032-R0 of the 789th BS on 42-52525 'Six Bits'. Major Wallace led the second squadron with Lt. Radick and crew #079-R0 of the 791st BS on 41-29375 'Lil Peach', and Lt. McKay was deputy lead with Lt. Newhouse and crew #085-R0 on 41-29421 'Wallowing Wilbert'.

One aircraft crash landed in England. 42-52531 'Devils Hostess', flown by Lt Skinner with crew #065-R0 of the 790th BS, was the Groups first combat loss. Hitting a house while in the landing pattern, the aircraft was completely demolishing and 7 members of the crew were killed.