467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 005 • Wizernes, France • 17 Apr 44
Mission Info
Primary Target:
Noball (V-1 Rocket) Installation
Secondary Target:

Target Attacked:
Credited Mission:


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Mission Narrative
The 8th AF mission (#304) this day consisted of only 15 aircraft from two bomb groups from the 2nd BD. The 93rd BG and the 467th BG. It was an experimental mission involving Path Finder Force (PFF) aircraft using the Gee-H navigation system. Gee-H was a variant of the original Gee system. The system was a pulsed navigation system that had the advantage that each aircraft selected its own timing, which made jamming more difficult. Five B-24's from the 93rd BG provided the PFF equipment and operators. The target was a "Noball" V1 rocket installation.

Ten aircraft from the 467th BG, each loaded with 8 x 1,000lbs bombs, took off starting at 1350. The formation consisted of 5 three aircraft elements. Each element was lead by one of the PFF equipped ships. In each of the PFF ships was an officer of the 467th BG. The five officers were Major Wallace, Captain Doenges, Capt Holdredge, Major Salzarulo, and Major Palmer. Only nine of the ten aircraft attacked the target due to a "rack malfunction" on 42-52303 'Topper' flown by Lt Graf and crew #092-R0 from the 791st BS. The results of this mission were unknown, because the target area was completely overcast (10/10). Light and innacurate flak was encountered, and no enemy aircraft were seen. No casualties or losses were suffered.

On a side note, the 33 P47's that provided excellent fighter cover for the mission noted that when original contact was established with the formation that they were fired upon.