467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 014 • Siracourt, France • 27 Apr 44
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Mission Narrative
On this day, the 8th AF mission #322 dispatched 596 bombers to hit V-weapon sites in the Pas de Calais and Cherbourg areas of France. The 2nd BD dispatched 203 B-24's to bomb targets in the Pas de Calais area.

Twenty aircraft from the 467th BG took off starting at 0735, and all of these attacked the target, dropping a total of 160 x 1000lb general purpose bombs.

The group was led by Lt. Col. Herzberg, who flew with Lt. Campbell on (41-29270 'My Wild Irish Rose') with crew #053-R0 of the 790th BS. In the deputy lead ship. Capt. Holdredge flew with Lt. Sheehan on 42-52571 'Snooper' with crew #061-R0 of the 790th BS.  Capt. Garner led the second squadron with Lt. Werdung’s on 42-52506 with crew #003-R0 of the 788th BS and Lt. Secaffico flew deputy lead with Lt. Tormoen on 42-52623 'Wabbit' with crew #015-R0 of the 788th BS. 

The results of the raid were considered good, and bombs were seen hitting in the area, though the weather was hazy. No enemy aircraft were seen. Moderate, accurate flak caused damage to nine of the ships. A second run was made on the target and it was during this that much of the flak damage was received.

Lt. Hensley’s ship (41-29445 'Also Ran') was forced to straggle back after being hit during the bomb run in the bomb bay. Lt Hensley managed to land in the South of England after throwing all possible weight overboard into the Channel. The hydraulic system was shot out; one engine failed, a gas leak had soaked the engineer’s clothing and sprayed the bomb-bay; and one tire was flat. In spite of these hazards, the ship was landed safely without injury to crew members. Col Shower recommended Lt Hensley fo a citation stating "...The skill, courage, and devotion to duty displayed by 1st Lt Hensley in bringing his crew abnd aircraft safely to base is deserving of the highest commendation..."