467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 016 • Berlin, Germany • 29 Apr 44
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Mission Narrative
679 bombers of the 8th AF were dispatched on mission #327 to attack railway facilities in Berlin. The 2nd BD sent 233 B-24's to bomb the Friedrichstrasse railway station.

Twenty-eight aircraft of the 467th BG took off, starting at 0715, for their first mission to Berlin. Twenty-five of these attacked Berlin, dropping a total of 1300x100lb incendiary bombs. Two aircraft (42-52530 'Bugs Bunny' and 41-28695 'Ruth Marie') developed mechanical problems after reaching the enemy coast and returned to base. One aircraft (41-28749) lost to enemy fighters before reaching the target. Another, 41-28730 'Blonde Bomber', was lost to flak over the target.

The first squadron was led by Col Shower in Lt. Driscoll’s ship (42-94881 with crew #007-R0 of the 788th BS). In the deputy lead position, Major Salzarulo flew with Lt. Moore on 42-52506 with crew #011-R0 of the 788th BS. The second squadron was led by Capt. Holdredge, who flew with Lt. Sheehan on41-29270 'My Wild Irish Rose' with crew #061-R0 of the 790th BS. Capt Neitzel flew deputy lead with Lt. Thompson on 42-52571 'Snooper' with crew #068-R0 of the 790th BS.

The results of the raid were not good, however, bombs did hit the surrounding area in Berlin accomplishing damage in the target area. Both flak and enemy fighter opposition were fierce in this raid. One pilot described the mission by saying “Boy, we really went to combat today!” 

Three aircraft were lost on this mission. 41-28749, flown by Lt Prokop and crew #056-R0 of the 790th BS, was attacked en rounte in the vicinity of Hanover by a Fw 190. The attack took out one engine and the right tail stabilizer. Sadly, the plane went down out of control and seven crewmen lost their lives The other three were thrown clear and taken POW.

41-28730 'Blonde Bonber', flown by Lt Gavin with crew #057-R0 of the 790th BS, was hit by flak over the target. After staying airborne for some time, the plane finally crashed north of Hanover. Six crew managed to bail out and were taken POW. Sadly, the other four crewmen lost their lives in the crash.

Lt Moore's ship (42-52506 with crew #011-R0) was flying with the 466th BG. The ship was hit by flak over the target and was losing fuel. Unfortunately, they had to abandoned the ship in the vicinity of Zinder Zee. The ten crew members, plus Major Salzarulo (Commanding Officer 788th BS), safely bailed out. Salzarulo and four others were taken POW. Five other crew members, including Lt Low (Group Bombardier), managed to evade capture. With help of the Dutch underground they were returned to England. Lt Moore is thought to have initially evaded capture, however, was later captured by the Gestapo and executed.

Sadly, James W Story, a waist gunner with Lt. Bill Dillon's crew #004-R0 of the 788th BS fell out of 41-29380 about 5 miles from the English coast after encountering severe turbulence.