467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 021 • Onsabruck, Germany • 07 May 44
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Mission Narrative
The 8th AF mission #342 saw 922 bombers dispatched to bomb targets in Germany. The 2nd BD dispatched 322 B-24's to bomb the marshaling yards at Munster and Osnabruck. The 467th BG was a part of the 165 to bombthe yards at Osnabruck.

The 467th BG was scheduled to provide three squadrons for the 96th CBW this day. One (12 ships) to fly high right on the 458th BG, and one (12 ships) to fly a similar position on the 466th BG with the third (10 ships) to fly the low left position on the 44th BG. The thirty-four aircraft started their takeoff at 0600, each loaded with 52x100lb incendiary bombs. The squadron scheduled to fly with the 466th BG was unable to make contact with them at assembly. Instead, they flew as a 4th squadron with the 458th BG.

Twenty-two aircraft of the composite 467th-458th attacked the target. Two returned prior to reaching the enemy coast. 42-52303 'Topper' returned due to personnel error and 41-29397 'Slugger Jr.' returned with fuel leaks in the engine. Nine of the ten in the composite 467th-44th group attacked the target. 41-29373 'Flak Magnet / The Monster' returned early because of mechanical difficulty.

Major McManus led the Group (and the 44th BG squadron) on Lt Werdung's ship (42-94881 with crew #003-R0 of the 788th BS). The 467th-458th composition squadron had Capt Neitzel as Squadron Lead flying with Lt. Campbell on 42-52571 'Snooper' with crew #053-R0 of the 790th BS. The third (466th BG)squadron was led by Lt.. Brandon flying with Lt. Thompson on (a new 'J' model B-24) 44-40070 'Mademoiselle Zig Zig' with crew #068-R0 of the 790th BS.

The bombing was by PFF as the entire continent was covered by overcast. Results were unobserved, however, the mission was rated as good. Intense flak was encountered, however, no aircraft were lost and there were no crew casualties. No enemy fighters were seen