467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 049 • Beauvais, France • 11 Jun 44
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Mission Narrative
The second attack on this day by the 8th AF and 2nd BD. Tactical targets in support of the invasion were the primary focus of these missions.

The 467th BG dispatched 23 aircraft to attack the airfield at Beauvais, France. The aircraft formed into two squadrons and led the 'A' Wing of the 96th CBW. The Group was led by a PFF (Gee-H) ship from the 93rd BG. The PFF ship, and first squadron, were late arriving at Group assembly. Wing assembly was was not fully assembled until ten minutes out on course. The Division assembly line was not reached due to lack of time. The briefed route was adhered to.

The Group Lead, flying with the first squadron, was Capt. Doenges on the PFF ship. Deputy Lead for the Group was Lt. Hooten flying with Lt. Grundmann on 42-52546 'Southern Clipper' with crew #033-R0 of the 789th BS. The second squadron was led by Capt. Beatty fling with Lt. Swearingen on 42-94910 with crew #078-R0 of the 791st BS. Deputy Lead for this squadron was Lt. Grace on 42-94881 with crew #077-R0 of the 791st BS.

The Group had some trouble at the target. The bomb sight on the PFF ship, flying with the first squadron, malfunctioned on the first run over target. The squadron made a 360 degree turn and made a second run on target, now then following the second squadron. This put the Group behind the Division on the withdrawal. The results of the raid were rated as excellent.

One aircraft, 41-29369 'Tender Comrade' flown by Lt. Sweeney with crew #096-R0 of the 791st BS, had to return early due to mechanical difficulties. Another aircraft, 41-29368 'Tailwind' flown by Lt. Robinson with crew #041-R0 of the 789th BS, bombed a target with the 93rd BG.

No enemy resistance was encountered. No aircraft were lost and no crew casualties were incurred.