467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 198 • Hemmingstadt, Germany • 20 Mar 45
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Mission Narrative
8th AF Mission #898: A relatively small formation of 8th AF bombers targeted u-boat yards at Hamburg and a small force from the 2AD were assigned to attack an oil refinery at Hemmingstadt. Overall 451 bombers were dispatched, 129 from the 2AD attacking the oil refinery including the 96CBW with the 467th.

The 467th provided just 9 ships in a very small formation of the 96CBW. The 458th took the lead with 10 ships, the 466th also provided 10 ships, making a total of 29 ships assigned the target.

Crews departed Rackheath at 1330hours for this relatively short mission.

Leading the 9 ships of the 467th was Capt Jerome with Lt Johnston Crew#086-R3 aboard "Lucky 'Leven" 44-48820.

All three squadrons, 29 ships, attacked the target visually, bombing altitude was 19,000ft with poor to good results. The 467th element reported cloud covered the strike-photos that were processed but hits observed at least 4000ft from the MPI. The Wing's assembly was made in good order, and the briefed route followed with only minor deviations. The turn at the I.P. onto the bombing run was good, and the rally was very good. Withdrawal was as briefed. No flak was encountered at the target or enemy fighters.

All 9 ships returned safely to Rackheath with no loss or damage. Fighter support was very good.