467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 207 • Perleburg, Germany • 04 Apr 45
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Mission Narrative
8th AF Mission #926: 1431 bombers dispatched with the 1AD and 2AD instructed to bomb visually and return with bombs if not possible. The 2AD were assigned to target three airfields at Parchim, Perleberg and Wesendorf with the 96CBW assigned Perleberg Airfield.

The 467th dispatched 29 ships in three squadrons, assigned to fly in an "A" and "B" Wing of the 96th CBW with the first squadron in "A" Wing flying lead high right of the 466th. The other 2 467th squadrons were assigned to fly with the "B" Wing led by the 458th and to occupy the high high right position.

The lead crews departed Rackheath at 0604hours.

Leading "A" Wing was Capt Severance with Capt Wild Crew#078-R1 aboard 44-49340, deputy lead was Lt Watson Crew#085-R2 aboard 42-51671. Second squadron was led by Lt Holum Crew#088- R2 aboard 42-50949 and third squadron by Lt Summers with Lt Meyer Crew#077-R5 aboard 44- 48860.

Out of 11 squadrons dispatched by the 96CBW only 2 squadrons attacked Perleberg Airfield. The lead of the 458th attacked visually with good results and the 467th lead "A" Wing high right composed of 10 ships also attacked at 0959hrs from 21,000ft with unobserved results due partial cloud cover. The other squadrons returned to base with bombs loaded including 19 ships of the second and third squadrons of the 467th. Weather conditions in the target area were between 7/10 to 10/10ths cloud cover, and therefore prevented visual sightings in all but the two aforementioned cases. Meager inaccurate flak was encountered in the target area, also a number of Me-262 and FW-190s. However, their attacks if anything were weak and not pressed home.

28 Group ships returned to Rackheath with no loss but two ships received minor damage. The 790th Lt Upp Crew#058-R2 opted to land on the continent because they were low on gas. Fighter support was good.

Additional comment: Ken Close Pilot Crew #033-R1 789th

"....34th Mission - airfield at Perleberg north of Magdeburg. Carried thirty six 150lb GP bombs. Up 7:45 and had 2700 gallons of gas. Slight flak along route, quite a bit put up over Lubeck, but didn't bother us. Had about two four gun batteries at the target. Dropped through about 9/10ths undercast, other two squadrons did not drop (supposed to be visual bombing only). No flak damage that I know of. A jet 262 went through our squadron, left waist fired, along with several other ships. A P-51 seemed to be after him. Several others were sighted but no damage done by them. First time I've seen an enemy aircraft in the air. Hope the last....."