467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 216 • Royan, France • 15 Apr 45
Mission Info
Primary Target:
Coastal Gun Batteries
Secondary Target:

Target Attacked:
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Mission Narrative
8th AF Mission #951: 1345 Bombers from the 1AD, 2AD, and 3AD despatched to the Royan area guarding Bordeaux harbour to attack flack batteries and enemy strong points. The 2AD sent 259 aircraft with the 467th flying high right of the 466th.

The 467th provided three squadrons made up of 30 aircraft. Ordnance for this target was napalm contained in 65 & 75 gallon cardboard tanks. Three ships carried standard 52x100lb M47 bombs. Because of the inflammable nature of ordnance, skeleton crews were employed.

The lead crews departed Rackheath at 0605 following the briefed route with excellent weather reported the entire mission. Bombing was made at 1117hours visually from 15,500ft.

The lead first squadron was flown by Maj Seiler with the Capt Elliott Crew#95-R1 aboard 44-49340. Deputy lead was flown by Capt Voyles with Lt Meyer Crew#77-R4 aboard 42-51832 with Capt Leonard with Lt Sawyer Crew#84-R3 aboard 44-49513 leading the second squadron. Third squadron was led by Lt Holum aboard "Lucky 'Leven" 44-48820.

Lead bombardiers reported the target covered in bomb smoke, bombs fell unobserved into the smoke. Three ships in high right element carrying standard ordnance made their own bomb-run as a three ship forth squadron and bombs fell unobserved. The 790th Lt Coffey Crew#56-R4 flying "Rhienmachen" 44-10596 bombed with the 44th BG. Lead squadron Capt Elliott Crew had to feather an engine on the bomb-run and made the return journey alone before putting down at an airfield in France. They collected a repaired B24, returning the ship to Watton and were back at Rackheath by 1800hours.

All other ships returned safely with no loss or damage. No fighter support assigned for this mission.