467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 217 • Landshut, Germany • 16 Apr 45
Mission Info
Primary Target:
Marshalling Yards
Secondary Target:

Target Attacked:
Credited Mission:


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Mission Narrative
8th AF Mission #954: 750 Bombers from the 1AD and 2AD despatched to rail and communications targets in Germany. The 96CBW were originally assigned to target a Transformer Station at Traunstein, but on the advice of weather scouts changed target to Priority 3, Marshalling Yards at Landshut. This was now the target for the entire 2AD with 273 bombers effective.

The 467th flew Wing Lead in three squadrons made up of 27 aircraft.

Assembly and planned route as briefed with the Group bombing visually at 1531 hours from 18,00ft.

The lead first squadron was flown by Lt Col Mahoney with the Capt Wild Crew#078-R1 aboard 44- 48852. Deputy lead was flown by Capt Veverka with Capt Jensen Crew#86-R4 aboard 42-50949. Second squadron was led by Lt Moseley Crew#89 -R6 aboard 44-50674, while third was led by Lt Dunnam Crew#83-R3 aboard 44-50156.

All 27 were effective over the target with the first squadron reporting the target had been effectively bombed by previous units. Bombardiers selected their own MPIs according to remaining marshalling yards. On return, the 789th Lt Freeman Crew#35-R3 flying the "Massillon Tiger" 44-10488 landed on the Continent.

The remaining 26 returned to Rackheath, two ships receiving minor damage but no losses. Fighter support reported as very good.