467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Mission # 218 • Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia • 17 Apr 45
Mission Info
Primary Target:
Railroad Center and Viaduct
Secondary Target:

Target Attacked:
Credited Mission:


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Mission Narrative
8th AF Mission #957: 1054 Bombers despatched to rail targets in SE Germany and Czechoslovakia. The 467th were assigned to target Karlsbad Railroad Station, the 466th were assigned Karlsbad Marshalling Yards in Czechoslovakia .

The 467th flew high right of the 466th in three squadrons made up of 27 aircraft.

Assembly and planned route as briefed on time with the Group bombing visually at 1455 hours visually from 18,500ft in reported thick haze at the target.

Captain Summers led the first squadron with Lt. Barry Crew#091-R3 791st, aboard "School Daze" 44-50250. Deputy Lead was flown by Captain Voyles with Lt Wheelock Crew#082-R4 in 44-49513. Second Squadron was led Lt. Patton Crew#087-R6 in 42-51671, while Lt Holum Crew#088-R2 led the third squadron aboard 44-50674.

All 27 bombed the target with the first squadron showing excellent results. The second squadron lead-ship with Lt Patton suffered hung-up bombs but salvoed immediately. This squadron results were reported fair while the third squadron results were reported good. Deputy-lead ship flown by Lt Wheelock 44-49513 had problems with #4 engine and low on gas and elected to land at an airfield in France on return.

The remaining 26 returned to Rackheath completing an 7hour 30min mission with no damage or loss with no flak was encountered. Fighter support reported as very good.