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2020 - Norwich, England,
Maids Head Hotel
Dear 467th BG Association Members, 492nd BG Association Members, and Rackheath Friends,

As you might expect, Andy Wilkinson, James Watts and I (Brian Hugh Mahoney), as the Reunion Committee for Norwich 2020, have been in close regular contact as the novel coronavirus has grown to it’s current ‘pandemic’ proportions.  In a conference call today, we reached a consensus that the planned May dates are too risky, especially for our older members and the one veteran who is so keen to make the trip.


1.  If you elect to ‘stay registered’ with the 467th BGA for the reunion, we will acccept your paid fee as locking in your registration, even if the cost rises, for a delayed Norwich reunion.  Of course we can also refund it now, as you like.  PLEASE CONFIRM RECEIPT OF THIS MESSAGE, and let us know whether you want us to hold or return your fee.

2.  We recommend that those who have purchased plane and other tickets, arrange for refund or credit with the carriers at your soonest convenience.  The Maids Head has cancelled all of our reservations, but do contact any other hotels where you have reservations.  As a committee, we are letting our coach company and the banquet staff of the Maids Head know immediately.

We will be telling them that our hope is that we may be able to reschedule before mid fall (and the next ‘regular’ flu season) and will let you and them know, the moment we do.


In the event we are able to reschedule, we aim to stick to the program already developed, and re-open our contracts with the hotel and coach company.  Keep your fingers crossed, and expectations realistic. As a committee, we will also send our regrets to the pubs, the Seething Tower Association, the Memorial Library, our local guides in North Pickenham and Rackheath, and the New Farm Aviation Heritage Museum, along with the promise to be in touch as soon as we reschedule, if we are lucky enough to be able to do so prudently.

Norfolk friends in the newly formed ‘Pathfinders,’ who have been clearing brush and revealing paved areas and foundations in living Site # 6, will share our disappointment to not be celebrating the actual 75th VE-Day anniversary with them on the ground at Rackheath, but should also be reassured that we will be able to appreciate more of their ongoing work when we do eventually visit. I, for one, can hardly wait!

Finally, we wish for your health and minimal disruption in the coming months, and remain grateful for your support and flexibility.  

Take care of yourselves!

-Brian H. Mahoney, President,
fo \The 467th BGA 2020 Norwich Reunion Committee

PS  You will want to monitor progress as the ‘Pathfinders’ reveal more and more Rackheath remnants, hidden by overgrowth for so many years. Bookmark our Facebook page 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/209080115899870/?ref=bookmarks and visit often!   

Wednesday, 06th
2nd Air Division Memorial Library
Wednesday, 06th
North Pickenham (492nd BG) Tour
Wednesday, 06th
New Farm Aviation Museum Tour
Thursday, 07th
Seething Control Tower
Thursday, 07th
Rackheath Control Tower
Friday, 08th
"Base Day"