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The Mighty 8th AF Museum B-24 Sculpture

In 1997, the Board of Directors of the 467th BG Association recommended to fund the 1/6 scale wooden model of a B-24 that was to be used to act as the casting mold for the bronze B-24 sculpture that was to be presented to the US Air Force academy. The $25,000 was raised by Association members and the Model was completed by sculptor robert Henderson.

It was agreed that the model was to be painted to represent 'Witchcraft', the Groups most famous aircraft, and presented to the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth in Savannah, Ga. It was the desire of the Association to enhance the recognition of the 2nd Air Division and the B-24 Liberator at the museum.

It should be noted that, as of the 1997 Reunion in Ellensville, the Association was a bit short of it's goal. Vince LaRussa "took a packet of pledge forms among the assembled diners and called for 10 members to come forward and pledge $500 each to put us over the top. In a truly remarkable show of support, eleven stepped forward to accomplish the effort in a matter of minutes".

The completed model was presented to the museum in July 1998. In attendance at the installation were General Buck Shuler (previous Commanding Officer 8th AF and CEO Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum) and General Lewis E. Lyle (founder of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum). Both were delighted with the quality and faithful reproduction of 'Witchcraft'.